Home Sweet Home

How sweet it is

So I've tried out Facebook, and I've come to the conclusion that it confuses me.  So I've come back to LJ.  If any of my friends are still around, then great.  If not, well, I don't know what I'll do.

Somehow this ease of communication stuff is getting harder and harder.

Or am I just a Luddite?

Where in the world is Carolf?

Or where did all the time go?

To Facebook, that's where!  And Live Journal's not the only place I've gone missing.  Plaxo, Twitter ... forget 'em.  And I haven't even gotten around to setting myself up in Linked-In.

How do you all do it?  It's not like I waste time with all the apps in Facebook, because I don't (Ignore is my friend.  So is Hide.)  I've found long-lost friends on Facebook, so I'm happy I'm there.  I just need some time-management tricks.

So, what tricks do you have up your sleeves in this modern techno-world?


It's a Nice Day in the Neighborhood

or, checking on the neighbors

When the Canada geese moved in, we were afraid they might have scared off the Sand  Hill Cranes, but it appears they did not.  So both families are living side-by-side in the swamp.  We pretty sure the cranes are heterosexual; we're not so sure about the geese.  I can't tell the difference, but then, my gaydar has always been ... well, non-existent.

The squirrels are becoming quite cheeky.  They've taken to saving their tails at Husband.  I think it's their version of mooning.  Husband hasn't made up his mind, yet.

The deer have started coming up to the front windows, again.  Husband's garden in the front just might be the reason.  Or, maybe it's the not-quite-gone-but-not-humanly-edible stuff he keeps throwing out on the geothermal field.  Take your pick.

The eagles are after the chipmunks, the chipmunks are after the wheels of my car.  I'm an innocent bystander in all of this.  I'm also the only one without a death wish, as far as I can tell.

We found a tortoise (or was it a turtle) the other day.  "We" meaning Husband.  It obviously hadn't figured out, yet, that the path through the forest is now a private road.  Husband kindly swept him up and took him back to the swamp.  Since it took him 2 years to surface the first time, we figure he should be safe for another 2 or so.

Husband's chestnuts are all doing well, with the single exception of his pet.  The poor thing struggled for 2 years in a sawn-off Silk carton through neglect and benignly intended suffocation, only to die once it found real soil.  sigh.

The elms, however, look endangered.  Two of them, at opposite ends of the back yard, are showing signs of distress.  The tree doctor will be out soon, we hope, but we suspect it's too late.  Unfortunately, the entire back view is elm trees; they are what make this look like living in a tree house.  Fortunately, for the species, there are elm trees all over the area.  And, perhaps fortunately for us, there are maples just awaiting their chance at some sunlight.  Maybe we'll still have a tree house, after all.

Mosquitoes are quite healthy and prolific.  I haven't seen the owl, but Husband has seen the turkey, so we think both are still in residence.

We saw a raccoon climbing up one of our elms the other day.  It was actually quite graceful, and we thought it was a squirrel, until we got a look at the size of the tail.  Husband tried to get a picture, but it was dusk and the pictures didn't come out too well.  Through our own eyes, we could clearly see the mask.  They really do look like not-so-little bandits.  I think he was eying our tomato plants.  He can eye all he likes, as long as he keeps his paws off!

The gladiolus is growing taller each day, but no buds, yet.  The cannas and the dahlias just started peeking through the soil.  The tomatoes are growing strong; the peppers have started to bud.  The rosemary is looking good.  We should have good summer eating.  And all from our balcony (where the deer cannot roam!)

The song birds -- far too populous to number -- sing to us each morning.  I'd like to say they sing at dusk, but it's more like ... well, to be honest ... arguing.  They must be more short-tempered when they're tired.

A few new families have moved in the past few weeks.  There's at least one ruby-throated hummingbird family and one unidentified hummingbird family.  They are quite gregarious, coming to visit us every morning and evening, and in quick bouts in between.  They come right up to the windows to glare at us if the feeders aren't full.  Imagine that!  We're fast becoming friends.

What's new in your neighborhood?



of sorts

It is safe to say that I have managed to take the neck-high quantity of boxes down to chest high.  Only took 8.5 months.  At this rate, we'll be moved in oh, say, 2015? 

Seriously, we've reached the point where we have trouble putting things away because we aren't sure where they belong.  Sometimes we just repack the box and go to a different one.  Other times, we stick it someplace, then later repack it because we want to put something else there.  Good thing we have the rest of our lives to do this.

Our MO right now appears to be:

1. Need something
2. Search for it, which involves unpacking boxes until the sought item is found.  Hence the doubt about final placements.
3. Spend days arranging and re-arranging what has been unpacked.
4. Rest
5. Repeat

At least we have a method.  Imagine the chaos if we did not!

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Finally - I'm au currant in my clothing style!

or my pants join the latest fad

Simply put, they are completely bankrupt, with a credit impossible to repair.

Life has calmed down sufficiently that I figure I will post a bit more often ... but then, it's been 6 months since I last posted, so its a low bar I need to meet.  Next on my project list is to figure out how to link LJ, Twitter and Facebook, which might help a bit.

At least I'm not kicking and screaming about being dragged into the 21st century!

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Where did Carolf go?

Spotty attendance warning

It is tax time.  Expect me to be not here a lot.

Oh, not for you.  You have several months before you need to worry about it.  But for me, I have a major deadline of 12/25, an absolute deadline of 12/31, an important deadline of 1/31 and a final deadline of 2/28.  And a bunch of clients who persist in thinking that tax time doesn't come until 4/15.

Where in the world is Carolf?  Working!

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A veteran on my flist asks

Joining LJ gave me the gift of a friend I've never met who keeps me thinking ...

He is not happy about something in this election; so unhappy, in fact, that --

Well, behind the cut is my response to one of his posts.  You'll get the flavor of his unhappiness in the parts of his post I quote in my response.

Collapse )

Yeah, I'm still plugged into the electricity of the past election.  The tighter the spring, the greater the aftershocks when sprung.  I'll get back to mundane things like building houses and daily living soon -- I hope.

(Actually, be glad that I'm not posting about daily living right now.  I'm sick- -- health-wise, I mean.  Icky for me, boring for you.)


Thoughts on civic duty ...

lifted from a comment in another LJ  journal

A US military veteran on my flist asked what his readers have done to protect and defend their rights.  Behind the cut is my response.  

Yeah, I'm wordy.  I get that way easily, let alone when I'm passionate.  But I don't regret a word.

Collapse )

Many of my fellow citizens do not have my advantages to do much of what I do.  My job hours are flexible, my finances are generally comfortable (with tight spots now and then).  I do not have children and the related responsibilities and time sinks.  I was given some gifts that made acquiring the skills for some of what I do not only possible but relatively easy.  This is not to say I have not worked, and worked hard, to get where I am.  It is to acknowledge that some of us can give more than others.  That's how societies work -- and one of the reasons we form them.

Just imagine , though, if *every* citizen did just one of the above -- and if *every* eligible voter voted. What a country!


A short announcement

about birthday greetings.

My friends here in LJ may have noticed that I don't participate in the celebratory birthday posts that are an LJ custom.

This is not because I do not wish you well on your birthday.  This is not because I do not wish to celebrate the day you were added to this world to its great benefit.  It's not because I don't know about it (LJ is good about reminders), and it's not because I forget.

It's just that were I to start posting them, there would inevitably come the time when I don't  post one.  Life would Happen just then, or I'd confuse intention with performance, or any number of ditzy or simply human things would interfere.  I am concerned that those inevitable omissions could hurt feelings.
So, I simply don't send them -- then no one is left out.

Just saying.

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An important question

for McCain supporters.

So, what can/should Obama, his administration and his supporters do/say that would lead you to feel heard, respected and included?

More than any other policy, direction or solution I want from government (and we-the-people are the government, mind) after this election is a country that once again can maintain  lively, thoughtful, civil and soft-voiced public discourse as we do that which is important to every one of us -- do our best to keep our country at its best, and beyond.

I hope Obama can succeed in his intention to heal the nation.  If he is to do so, however, we have to help in the diagnosis and agree to take the remedy seriously.

So ... how about it?