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You oughta be in pictures - 5

Welcome to my "Dream House Diaries" friends.

What?  You thought I have only one circle of friends?  Hah!

I've been promising you folks pictures for a long time, now.  I've got some up, and more on the way.   Here is one to start us off: the plan itself.

If you're used to house plans, then you may notice that I've got this oriented backwards.  However, this way the house matches compass orientation.  Front of the house is north, garage is east, back is south, master bath is west. (Of course, the real compass points aren't that clean, since the hill is facing a bit north-northwest.  But close enough for government work.)

This isn’t current. This is version beta 7.2, I believe.  In any case, the changes are relatively small.  This plan shows the entry in the front being inset from the outer edge of the house.  We changed that, and instead, the entry way (foyer) extends up to the same edge as the other rooms on that side, and the front porch juts out.  This helped break up the l-o-n-g horizontal line we had going, and balanced the garage a bit.

The placement of counters in the laundry/mud room got changed, and the ones in the kitchen turned out just a bit differently, but you’ll see all that in the forthcoming pictures.  The other missing feature is the open decking between the screened porch and the back garage door.  Without it, it would be a long drop down the first step out of the garage.

I had no idea how Luddite I'd become.  It's taken me the better part of a day to figure out how to get pictures up here.  (They didn't work out as well the first time...) Not to mention another day to cull through the hundreds (billions and billions ...) of pictures Husband has taken for his archive.  I have spared each wire, each outlet, each board, each door hinge ... you get the idea.  Now I'm tired.  More after supper.
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