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You oughta be in pictures - 6

I had intended to document the entire construction process in this journal. That was before Erik gave me my assignments. Instead, here are a selected few from the hundreds (every wire, every stud, every outlet, every ...) Husband took, arranged in some order that made sense to me at the time.

Oh, and Catgenie? The world's only self-flushing, self-cleaning cat "litter" box. Details at

bluprint1 ensdrain

Beta7.2 - close, but not the final plan.

French drain established on the southeast side of the foundation. A PVC pipe fits to the drain and guides any water through the pea gravel and starting down the hill into the woods to the south.
septgroove rock

This is the drain groove extending from the west side of the house towards the private road. It parallels the driveway. This drains to the septic tanks.

Our land is glacier till. Lots of rocks. This one broke a Cat.
constskel1 constskel2

Early stage framing -- foundation and basement are done; framing for the first floor starts.

More of the first floor framing is in place. The "room" jutting towards the right (west) is the master bath.
bkshpraw1 closebkshprew

Taken early in the framing stage,standing in front of the basement bedroom below the master bedroom above. This shows how the two wings extend out to shape the courtyard in the middle.

Taken standing immediately in front of the courtyard at the back of the house.
bksideshpraw midhsraw

Taken from the east woods behind the house during framing. You can see the door to the garage at the extreme right. The screened porch is in the middle of the kitchen/family room wing extending east. Again, this perspective shows how the two wings extend out on either side of the courtyard.

Looking through the living room window doors from the front door. During framing.
geo1 geo2

The geothermal system. Not so different from a regular furnace. To come are the 2 water heaters.

Closer look at the exchanger for the geothermal.
balc1 balc2

The balcony from the family room side.

Balcony from the master bedroom side.
catgenieplug prch-const

Gray box for the Catgenie in the mudroom. There's another one in the master bath and one in the basement.

Framing begins on the screened porch.
prch-decks shape-back

The hill is deep enough that we needed to put a deck to span between the screened porch and the back garage door.

Siding is going up as the first floor balcony is built.
shape-back-close wfire

Closer look at the first floor balcony construction.

My gas fireplace awaiting installation.
stairdwn stairup

Temporary stair leading from firsts floor to basement.

Temporary stair going up to the first floor from the basement. The room at the top of the stairs is the dining room. The stair case opens onto a small hallway in front of the dining room between living room and kitchen.
wfireplace1 wkshp

My gas fire place being installed in the family room

Husband's wood workshop in the basement is framed.

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