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You oughta be in pictures - 7

Views of the house from the outside.

In the "Dream House Diaries" there was a discussion of how imposing or unimposing houses look at different sizes. We tried very hard to make our house blend into the environment. We built it into the hill, so the actual shape of the hill wasn't changed (and to give us a walk-out basement.) We deliberately kept the front of the house low-key, to let the woods take the lead. It's not until you see the back (which cannot be seen from the main road or the private road) that the full size (and grandeur -- if there is any) of the house comes alive. At least, that's what we tried for. We think we succeeded.

back1 back2
The back of the house from east (right) to the middle line at left. The jut far right is the garage. The next jut on the right is the screened in porch, off the kitchen. An open deck connects the screen porch and the garage. The south wall in the center is the family room (top) and exercise room (bottom.) Gas fireplace in the middle of the wall for the family room.
Family/exercise room on right. Master bedroom on top and guest room (low) on the left. The middle is the living room (top) and library (bottom.) The east (right) and west (left) sides of the building extend farther south than the middle wall, forming a courtyard. Sliding door windows from living room lead to the balcony connected the two wings (top) and to the courtyard itself (bottom.)
back3 back4
Full view of the south (back) side of the house. The chimney for the wood-burning fireplace in the library shows better here.
On the left (west) the jut out is the master bath (top) and extra bedroom (bottom.) Left wing is master bedroom (top) and guest room (bottom.) Middle is living room (top) and library (bottom) with a wood-burning stove in the library. Right wing (east) is the family room (top) with a gas fire place and exercise room (bottom.) Husband's office will be behind (north of) the exercise room.
Taken high on the driveway, close to the crest of the hill. You can just see the front porch through the trees near the center of the picture.

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