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You oughta be in pictures - 8

Views of outside from inside the house.

These pictures should answer the questions of 1) why we bought this property and 2) why we built where we did (on the hill.)

One correction: The first picture is the view from the *west* side of the study, not the east, as stated. (I've corrected the picture in the gallery, but the pointer isn't picking it up.)

astud1 astud2
This is the east wall of my study. The private road is clearer -- look through the left most window. My desk area will be a sideways U. "Desk" along the north wall under the rightmost window. "Desk" along the west wall, under the middle window. "Desk running parallel to the north wall roughly between the left and middle windows. The open end will face the east wall, where the storage closet is. In front of the left most window will be a comfortable reading chair and table.
The north wall (front of house) as seen from the door to my study. Look closely, you'll see the private road stretching from right to left towards the left middle of the picture. In the right window, you can see the driveway where it splits from private road and circles up to our house. I'll be able to see deliveries arrive.
vstudndrive vstudngeo2
View from my study, northwest corner. Private road at the bottom of the hill divides our property. Driveway branches off to the east roughly parallel to the front of the house.
Taken from front porch looking north northeast. The driveway will circle in front of the house. Behind the driveway is the cleared area for the geothermal loop -- future home of American Chestnut and fruit trees, wildflowers and a small grotto.
famview frmfam
The view as seen from the east side of the family room
Taken from the kitchen looking southeast through the family room. Gas fireplace on the right in the middle of the room.
frmlliv vrmliv2
Taken from the entryway looking south through the living room sliding doors to the balcony. The extension to the left is the family room; the side door to the balcony is to the left. The archway at the left of the picture leads into the kitchen, or at a slight angle, into the family room.
Taken from the entryway looking south by southwest to the balcony. Master bedroom is to the right.
frmbalc wdssnow
On the back balcony looking south into the woods. Master bedroom is at right.
Taken from the balcony. The winter view of our south forest. Right now, the forest is our landscaping.

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