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This one's for you -- Cardinal

Picky, Picky, Picky.

You wanted appointment pics. Here. (All of you) enjoy.

outside lights master bath roman tub faucets
outside lights

master bath roman tub faucets

Danze line Sonora
hand spray for master tub Master shower
hand spray for master tub

Master shower

One of a few places where Husband had specific requirements.

There will be a seat stretching across the the two walls under the soap shelf. The balance of the left wall will be glass.
living room ceiling crown molding laundry counters
living room ceiling crown molding

Chosen to match the other molding in the house. Thicker, but from the same family of moldings.
laundry counters

Front Door foyer tiles
Front Door

foyer tiles

These tiles fell into our laps -- a gift for which we are exceedingly grateful. (No, it didn't hurt us, just our pocket books.)
foyer - an artist plans foyer finished pattern
foyer - an artist plans

The tile guy was slow, methodical, thoughtful and an artistic genious. He took about a week to lay out tiles, pick the ones he'd use, and arranging them until he had a pattern he liked. We like it too.
foyer finished pattern

To me, this is reminiscent of water flows on a sidewalk, or the way branches slope up and away from trunks, or the way grasses grow and curve.

Tags: home construction, interior design

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