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Home Sweet Home
This 1s for U, 2 -- Cardinal 
20th-Mar-2008 09:59 am
Basement Dreamin'

Right now, we can't afford this. Eventually, this will be phase 2 of our construction. We will use guest room 1, but the 4th "wall" will be a sheet or screen, for the time being. (Cardinal -- that's where you'll stay. When did you say you were coming?)

basement plans
basement plans

Footprint is to scale, windows and interior walls may not be. This just gives a general idea of how we intend to lay out the basement. Right now, only the workshop walls are in.

21st-Mar-2008 02:26 am (UTC) - Love the house!
FANTABULOUS digs - unbelievably awesome! Can't wait to 'warm' the house with well wishes, song and merriment.
Our love to you both.
Barisha and Carol
Richard and John
21st-Mar-2008 11:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the praise. We are proud of it, if truth be told. The design is our own, so you'll have to forgive us.
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