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Home Sweet Home
Home is Where the Heart Is -- aka This 1's for U , Susan #2 
21st-Mar-2008 07:47 pm
And the heart of the home is the kitchen.

Susan, I will see if I can't post a .gif of the kitchen planner's illustrations, which will give you more detail. Meantime, at least I have pictures. (All) Enjoy.
The island solution Island mock-up
The island solution

The plan called for these two cabinet groups to be together in a single rectangle level with the left most group. This put the sink in the lower left of the island too in front of the fridge instead of the stove. But, because of the breakfast bar (you can just see it in the background) coming out as an L, we couldn't push the whole thing towards the stove -- not enough clearance. I came up with this solution.
Island mock-up

Husband had to be convinced it would look ok. So we used cardboard boxes (we have just a few floating around, of course) to form a mock-up counter top.
From the living room Breakfast nook/hutch
From the living room

This shows the flow from the east side to the west-side kitchen. The wall in the middle is the basement stairwell. To the left is the archway leading to the north (pantry) end of the kitchen, and from thence to the laundry room. On the right is the archway leading to the breakfast (south) side of the kitchen and from thence into the family room. The sawhorse you see is in the family room.
Breakfast nook/hutch

On the left is the breakfast bar - you see the south-west edge of the island on lower left. The door leads to the screened in porch, which can be seen from the window above the main (double) sink. On the right is the "hutch." This will be my work-desk, misc storage and show-case area for the kitchen. It rests against the wall it shares with the family room -- to the right of the hutch is the open "wall" between the two rooms.
The last island Island as seen from family room
The last island

The solution all fixed up -- or at east, it will be once the faucets go in. What I call my "baking triangle" is on the left/back side (north and west) comprising the pantry, oven/sink, island. on the right is what I call my "cooking" triangle, comprising the island/sink, stove-fridge (not seen but in front of (to the right) the island and pantry. With the cut outs made by the unusual shape of the island, two people can use the island sink at the same time, and I can put a stool under one of the cutouts. The counter surface looks grayer in this picture - it's really a sage green. The wall color behind the hutch is final -- but it will be only on that one wall.
Island as seen from family room

You can see the frame for the fridge on the upper left. The room you see in the background to the left is the dining room. To the right is the laundry room. Panatry is in the middle. Oven is on the right against the wall to the laundry room.
Where laundry meets kitchen.
Where laundry meets kitchen.

A pocket door separates the kitchen from the laundry room. You see the utility closet (the only closet in the house that is NOT a walk-in) to the left of the pocket door. My folding table is on the left.

22nd-Mar-2008 08:42 pm (UTC) - island
Fantastic island idea. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. What a wonderful location. Lots of great features in your home. The entry tile design is exceptional. . Re: Your comments on the NYT's blog. . I am wondering if the readership of that blog is really low and that is why the comments section is such a low priority. Or perhaps Alison and Paul have to read the comments before the updating is done. It seems to be a very low priority to them. I don't think they were truly interested in blogging. Just in having another assignment to help pay the bills. Nice people. Bad blog. . Sally from NYT Dream Home Diaries.
22nd-Mar-2008 09:23 pm (UTC) - Re: island

Now that the faucets are in, the kitchen is really shaping up nicely. The island shape did more than solve my sink-stove problem. It also mimics the layout of the whole room. And it naturally guides one from either side of the kitchen into the family room. I confess, I am very proud of it!

You may have a point about the blog. On the other hand, I read a few other blogs at the NYT that are not particularly populated, but the comments are posted almost simultaneously.

*shrug* go figure.
23rd-Mar-2008 01:45 pm (UTC) - kitchen
You have some nice choices here...the countertops, the shapes, which will surely create lots of interest in this room, Carol. My thinking is that this took some time. How much time did the design process take for you? So glad you told me to take a peak! Enjoy your new kitchen, I'm planning mine right now too!

Kitchen Designer
23rd-Mar-2008 05:43 pm (UTC) - Re: kitchen
The design for the kitchen happened quite quickly -- given the layout of the house, it really was the only solution. What took time was verifying to myself that it would work.

The design for the house took us close to 18 months.

The only change from my original kitchen design was putting the oven on the porch side of the kitchen. I originally had it against the stairwell wall -- anchoring the south (family room) side of the grouping. That left a tiny bit of counter between oven-stove and between stove-fridge. Best I could do. The kitchen designer was the one who suggested putting the oven on the opposite wall. The one think I don't like about it is that the oven opens directly in front of a door. On the other hand, we have no small children, so it's not as big a problem as it might be.

What I like best about it is the double triangle bit; baking triangle and cooking triangle.

I had the L shaped counter on the porch wall of the kitchen, but it was the designer who extended it into a breakfast bar. I had thought to have a table in the kitchen, since I like eat-in kitchens. However, despite how large the kitchen is, there is no place for a table, given the flow. It's basically a (large) galley kitchen, which does not lend itself to a table. Instead, I will break the family room into two sections; the TV area will be on the porch side of the room, and I'll put a table next to the balcony side of the room. It's an easy reach from the kitchen, and can double as a game table.

Of course, the island was designed quickly -- but only perfected over time. That took working with it and walking through the kitchen. Husband and I pantomimed the two of us preparing a meal simultaneously in the kitchen with the new island layout. That's what sold him.

I'm glad you approve. I value your opinion.
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