carolf (carolf) wrote,

Let There Be Light (2)

So, I placed the lighting order, today.

We are now estimated to reach a total of 5% over budget.  (We were at 2% before I started making aesthetic choices.)  Still, low enough that we're going to swallow it.  You only build a dream house once, right?

So, most of the lighting is simple half-moon sconces,  But I am very excited about the lights for the entry way.  There are 4 sconces in the foyer, two on each wall.  I found a pair (left/right) sconces that I think do a nice job of repeating the flow theme from the tiles.  They also emphasize the inside/outside balance I've got going.  What do you think? 

And, if that's not cool enough for you, there are these larger sconces in a similar theme.  These will flank the entryway from the living room side.

Things are progressing.

I am happy.

I am broke.
Tags: home construction, interior design

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