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We Interrupt This Journal ...

For an important green announcement.

If you missed the NY Times online this past Sunday, you missed a rich write up about all things green.  The Magazine for 4/20 had a multi-article feast on GREEN.  I won't vouch for the pure scientific accuracy of it all -- it's written for the general public, after all, by science writers, not scientists.  Still, it was  revelation to me just how rich we are in options I'd not heard of.

Now, if only a nation (hint, hint) would stand up and say, "We do this now.  Today.  Priority #1.  Focus of our economy on this," as opposed to step-by-tiny-step goals ... we might have practical solutions sooner rather than later.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Find it here. is free, but does require registration.  I have yet to receive a single piece of unwanted email or notice in 8(?) years.
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