carolf (carolf) wrote,

Do me a favor, will ya?

Pretty please?

Should we meet at some point in physical space -- a con, a mutual friend's home, a party , etc. -- would you please let me know who you are by your LJ name?

Some of you I have figured out.  Others of you I suspect I've only met here.  But there is a large group in the middle, and I'd hate to miss out on knowing who you are when it's safe for you to tell me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Half the fun's in figuring it out.  I'm ready for the other half of the fun, now.


(PS to DHD folks:  just let me know who you are by the name you used on DHD, and that's good enough for me!  -- Unless, of course, we should happen to meet.)
Tags: friends, live journal

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