carolf (carolf) wrote,

So, when do we move?

Good Question.

Current answer:  After we get the CO (Certificate of Occupancy) and before Conclave.  Turns out COs come in two flavors.

Or at least, from  whatever government agency the CO comes from, which I have yet to understand but which Erik knows exquisitely, so I'm covered.  This flavor requires a series of inspections, for the various trades who had a finger in this little pie.  Electric inspection.  Plumbing inspection.  Environmental inspection.  Water test and approval.  I-don't-know-what-all -the-rest-is inspection.  This process started last week, and Erik hopes to have it finished by the end of next week.  So far we're flying through the inspections with flying colors. 

This actually provided a bit of a laugh.  The plumbing guy came around, and was extremely unhappy with the special drain closets for the catgenie boxes.  (I talked about them  in a 3/4/08 entry, remember?)  The apertures are completely open.  No doors.  Nothing to catch possible overflow so as to prevent water damage if anyone should choose to take a shower.

Now, the aperture in the master bath is currently tall enough for someone to stand in, though it would be uncomfortable to take a shower in it.  The water source is a hose from the gray box standing approximately 3-4" from the floor.  It's sorta understandable that the inspector was confused by the fact that this aperture, which will be a closet-ish thing when finished, did not yet have the shelves, which might have made the thing clearer to him.  On the other hand, the other catgenie closet is under a counter top, and the inspector had already had a hissy fit when he saw that one (just inside the garage door.)  Besides, this aperture is a grand total of 6" from the master shower.  The one with a shower head.  And hand spray.  And water massage spouts.  And a seat.

So, Erik had to go to the county office and fill out the paperwork to explain how this deviation was code-compliant and not a hazard.  He shrugs it off.  One of the office guys at the county told him that the inspector has to find <i>something</i> wrong, or it looks as though he's not doing his job.  Erik and crew didn't make any mistakes, so this was the only thing odd enough to be worth the effort.

This comes from the mortgage company.  They send their appraiser out to verify that 1) we build the house we said we would build where we said we would build it and 2) it's actually finished (read: in shape to be sold in a foreclosure.)  This is reasonable; the house will be the collateral on the mortgage when we convert the construction loan.

But, unlike with the county, we don't know what has to be done to get the CO.  With the country, we only have to meet code.  The prissy plumbing inspector was not at all worried about the missing shower glass, for instance.  The county doesn't care if you decide not to paint the outside of the house, but the real estate market does.  That kind of thing.  We can anticipate some of it, but we don't know for certain which missing detail might foul us up.

Why is this an issue?  Because the things that are not done are all the aesthetic touches I have not yet truly determined.  Take the shower glass, for instance.  It's a walk-in shower, remember, nestled in a corner of two outside walls.  The single inner wall is designed to be half regular wall (where the shower head is) and half decorative wall.  It will be glass, that I know.  But we want to have an appropriate design etched in the glass for interest.  "Appropriate" is yet to be defined; artist and I are going back and forth with ideas.

The artist doesn't want us to rush, because he wants us to be happy with the finished product.  But Erik would like to get things finished, and I'd like to start moving.  But that depends on the mortgage CO.

Round and round we go; when we move, nobody knows.

What I do know is that I've got the stressy stomach I haven't had since I quit my job in Chicago.  I don't *feel* stressed emotionally, but my body sure feels it.  I think it's the inability to DO.  It all needs to be done, but I can't do it.

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