carolf (carolf) wrote,

Deadlines ...

... can be good things.

Who knew?

Of course, a good deadline requires at minimum two characteristics:
  1. It must be realistic
  2. Failure must not really matter
Our moving deadline appears to fit the bill.

Erik is leaving on June 9 for his annual fishing trip.  Nothing gets between Erik and his fishing trip.  I think it's the only real relaxation he gets all year.  So, everything is either finished before he goes, or it doesn't happen until after he returns.  We are so close to finished, now, that Erik would really like to close the contract before he leaves.

This isn't impossible, and it may not even be difficult.  For one thing, he has a draw ready, and it brings us up to the brink of the construction loan amount.  So, we stop once the money is gone, regardless.  Secondly, most of what is left really can't be done right now, anyway.  Things like the final grading, finishing off the driveway ... all of that can't really happen until the ground dries out a bit, which means not until July at the earliest.

The C of A (which is the county's agreement that the mechanicals are all done to code) is already done; the last inspection was last week.  The C of O (which is the zoning board's agreement that we built what was approved, and we can now actually live there) was applied for on Monday.  Once Erik gets that, he can attach it to his final draw, and the bank and I roll the loan over into the mortgage at whatever rate is the current rate at that time.

So, if all goes well, we'll start moving on Jun 9, or a little before.  When we finish, of course, is still undefined.

If all does not go well?  *shrug*  We wait until Erik gets back.  But, we'll be able to start packing and moving boxes into the house, in any case.

I'm getting excited.
Tags: home construction

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