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I'm in love with words

Always have been.  Once upon a time, I kept a dictionary in my bathroom, considering it the quintessential bathroom reading material.  Yes, I learned to read the dictionary.  I'd go to look up a word, and all these other interesting ones would show up along the way, and they'd lead to looking up still more so I could understand the definition of a former word ... So, yeah.  I read dictionaries.

Periodically, I hear/see/come across really nice words.  Words that just tickle my fancy at the time, usually independent of the context in which they are presented.  Here are some of the most recent ones:

savage (death)
undulate (isn't this a wonderfully sounding word?)

My favorite word has always been the word meander.  In script, it ... well, meanders.    Your mouth meanders to shape the word in speech.  This is beyond mere onomatopoeia.  (hmmm.  What's the visual equivalent?)

Stay tuned.  Words happen every day, and sometimes I take notice.  I'll post.
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