April 2nd, 2008


Aaaaaand they're off!

It's a race against time

May 1.  That's the first hard deadline we've faced in this entire process.

Good things happen if we can get the CO (certificate of occupancy) by then.  Things we'd like to have happen.  But it's going to be veeeerrry close, indeed!

We're definitely in the finishing stages.  Faucets are in (except for the one I forgot to order for the outside-water line in one of the laundry sinks, which is en route.)  Woods has been finished with its last coat, cork floors go in fairly soon, and then the final coat of paint and floor finishes.   Erik and I did a walk through last week, and I came away with a note-book-page-long list of to-dos for each of us.  We'll do a second walk through sometime this week with Husband, who finally decided to return from DC!

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Luckily, most of these are NOT required for the CO.  We have to have a minimum of lights in each room and by each doorway, but they don't have to be fancy -- bare light bulbs will pass inspection.  The fireplaces are to code, now, although not as pretty as they will be.  So, once we have the toilets and the master bath usable, we expect we can pass inspection.

I'll keep you posted on how we proceed.  Pictures soon.