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An LJ friend on my list posted a quick bit about current news, including that Massachusetts repealed its 1913 marriage law, and I think my response bears repeating and showcasing here.

For those of you who, like me, do not know anything about the 1913 marriage law in Massachusetts:  It was the miscegenation law, and denies the right to marriage to anyone who visits Massachusetts and attempts to marry when that same marriage is against the law in their home state -- setting up a residence requirement for marriage.  It's been used lately to stem any wave of gay marriages from out-of-state couples.

My comment was as follows:

On this whole front, I saw a commercial yesterday that made me stand up and hug the TV.

I had been enjoying the commercial where a couple (30ish to 40ish white heterosexual) is sitting on the edge of a public fountain, and she tells him she vows never to wear a flannel nightgown.  Pause.  Deep, loving look from him to her.  He answers "can you make that:  you vow to never wear a nightgown?"  They laugh and cuddle, while a voice-over talks about how nice it is when you meet your true match, and how makes it happen.  What can I say.  I still watch Hallmark commercials, too.

So, now they have a new one.  A couple (20ish to 30ish, white homosexual) in the grocery store, holding hands in front of a display.  Dialogue:

He1: I vow never to play the role of the martyr.
He2: That's your mother's job.
He2: I vow never to tell our friends that you sometimes use a bronzer.
[holding hands, looking meaningfully at one another.]
[commercial voice-over]

If gay coupling is being portrayed exactly as heterosexual coupling in a commercial, can common sense be far behind?  It won't be common sense, of course, it'll be commercial sense.  But in this case, I'll take it!
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