carolf (carolf) wrote,

DHD Friends:

If any of you are still around ...

I haven't forgotten you.  I have pictures of the finished decisions to post.  Trudy asked for pics  of the cats.  I still have other stories to tell.  As soon as I can.

We've reached the point where we are living in neither house, but literally split between the two.  Whatever we need at any one given time is at the "Other" house.  It's not pretty.

As soon as my computer, the connection and I are all at the same place of an evening, posting will pick up.

Meanwhile -- you guys can post here in comments?  How you all doing?  Trudy, any more word from NYT about an upcoming blog?  (Where do you get your info, anyway?)

If I had known that building was this crazy ... Nah!  I'd still have done it!
Tags: home construction

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