carolf (carolf) wrote,

Address, address ...

... Who's got my address?!?!?

I'm so very glad I was so very happy throughout the building process.  'Cause the moving process is hell on wheels.

We don't have an address, yet.  Oh, actually we do.  We know what it is.  Our township knows what it is.  Our post office even knows what it is.  But none of that counts.

An address is not real until you have a 9-digit zip code -- particularly if you should chose to live on a private road.  The 5 digits merely identify the post office which will be responsible for the final delivery of mail.  The last 4 digits identify the specific property within that PO's area to which mail should be delivered.

This is not assigned by anyone local.  It is assigned when our local post office sends in a request for the zip code to the national postal database.  Which our postmistress did -- back in June. 

But since the last time she submitted a request, the procedures have changed, unbeknownst to anyone useful.  So, her request came back, unfulfilled, pending re-submission with platt map.  Platt maps come from the township.

So, to the township she went, requesting a platt map for our private road, and for another one that is almost diagonal to us.  The township, unused to such a request for such a purpose, did whatever it is that township bureaucrats do when they are confused about procedures -- none of which includes fulfilling the request.

Now, I didn't know any of this until, after the 3rd delivery I've tried to get to the new house (of such unimportant items as beds and sheets, for instance) got, instead, to some "gated community" address.  Seems the current maps show a road going through between two roads (one of them being the road off which our private road runs) which is, in fact, not a through road, and which is gated at one end.

So, in frustration, I called the county road commission.  A helpful (yes! at last!) fellow told me about the zip code trick, and sent me to the PO.  Who, in turn, gave me the above information.

So, the postmistress finally got the platt map sometime last week, and sent in the request.  Now it's up to the national bureaucracy to assign the last 4 digits.  She did offer to light a fire under national, to see if that will help.

Meantime, I have all deliveries made to the old house, and then I'll pay movers to move them to the new house.

Except for things like the bed, which, due to the way the bed company's database is created, cannot have two separate addresses for the same delivery, and will not guarantee the bed unless they do the delivery.  So I *have* to give them the new address, which, as far as anyone outside us, our builder, and the post office is concerned, doesn't exist.

Building was easy.  It's the move that's hard.
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