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Home Sweet Home
Address, address ... (2) 
6th-Aug-2008 03:46 pm
Post Office PS

So, our new postmistress called this morning, as promised.  She called her District Office to inquire about progress.  DO expects to get the zip-code request out "by the end of this week."

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for National to received and act on the request.  Then the database will be updated (and info will start farming out through interlinked databases.)

She offered to call me as soon as she knows what the zip is.  (She really is quite nice and helpful; just ... un-empowered.)

Progress, of a sort, I guess.
7th-Aug-2008 03:37 am (UTC)
You might want to consider a back door approach. When we moved to Wells, our house was not in any of the databases (the post office did not deliver to street addresses in Wells, so our house still does not have a 9 digit zip code). I contacted Mapquest and got our house added. UPS and Fedex could then officially find us (at the time we moved, the UPS driver was also the Mayor, so he knew where all the houses were). DHL never admitted they could deliver to Wells, but would if you could catch them before they put the package in the mail. As of when we left, Verizon still couldn't find our address, but most companies could.
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