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Meanwhile ... Back in the Future

We still live where we live now.

This is a problem.  Right now, our well is not supplying enough water for code, not to mention showers.  Tomorrow, they come out to see if they can unfreeze the pump.  They've already replaced everything else.  The pump is locked in deposits from the low-grade ore that passes for water in these parts.  Tomorrow, they'll attempt to free it with hydrochloric acid.  That means we have to hook up to our neighbor's house for water until we get the all clear.  We have accommodating neighbors.

After the stuff soaks, the guys will see if they can get the pump loose.  If so, they'll replace it.  If not, we have to dig a new well.

And if our current well isn't placed to code (codes changed since we bought) we'll have to dig a new well, anyway.

Stressed?  Me?  Nah!
Tags: home construction, soap-opera life, stories

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