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Home Sweet Home
An important question 
5th-Nov-2008 03:45 am
for McCain supporters.

So, what can/should Obama, his administration and his supporters do/say that would lead you to feel heard, respected and included?

More than any other policy, direction or solution I want from government (and we-the-people are the government, mind) after this election is a country that once again can maintain  lively, thoughtful, civil and soft-voiced public discourse as we do that which is important to every one of us -- do our best to keep our country at its best, and beyond.

I hope Obama can succeed in his intention to heal the nation.  If he is to do so, however, we have to help in the diagnosis and agree to take the remedy seriously.

So ... how about it?

5th-Nov-2008 02:23 pm (UTC) - re:an important question
I was brought up as a Democrat. My grandfather and mother were both elected officials. However, looking back on it, they were very moderate in their beliefs.

I was also brought up to take care of myself. We had no money, were sometimes hungry. Those of us who went to college spent years paying off loans. We were taught never to ask for anything, to make it on our own. And we did.

So it really pains me that Obama's plan is to give some of my money to others. I have been doing that for years via large charitable donations ($7000 per year versus Joe Biden's $390 per year average).

My husband and I have worked so hard all of our lives and never got anything for nothing. Because of our education and effort, we have achieved a level of financial comfort that still amazes us. We managed to save $250,000 to put our kids through private colleges and even some years of private high schools. I was a stay-at-home mom. We never spent much on cars or vacations but saved, saved, saved.

It is people like us whom Obama must appease. We are now on a fixed income and although we have savings, we still feel the need to conserve our resources.

I was in Europe just before the election and saw a young Kenyan man being interviewed about aid. He was asked if other countries should increase their aid to Kenya. His answer was so thoughtful and sensible. He said "Give us work, not aid. Aid only makes us dependent, and that will ruin us."

This is something Obama needs to remember as he attempts to implement his campaign promises.

6th-Nov-2008 01:54 am (UTC) - Re: an important question
Thanks for the comment. Valid concern -- for anyone who pays taxes (which I do)

I'm cogitating this as well as a case of bronchitis-in-the-making allows. Will respond when I can do so coherently, ok?
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