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A short announcement

about birthday greetings.

My friends here in LJ may have noticed that I don't participate in the celebratory birthday posts that are an LJ custom.

This is not because I do not wish you well on your birthday.  This is not because I do not wish to celebrate the day you were added to this world to its great benefit.  It's not because I don't know about it (LJ is good about reminders), and it's not because I forget.

It's just that were I to start posting them, there would inevitably come the time when I don't  post one.  Life would Happen just then, or I'd confuse intention with performance, or any number of ditzy or simply human things would interfere.  I am concerned that those inevitable omissions could hurt feelings.
So, I simply don't send them -- then no one is left out.

Just saying.


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