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of sorts

It is safe to say that I have managed to take the neck-high quantity of boxes down to chest high.  Only took 8.5 months.  At this rate, we'll be moved in oh, say, 2015? 

Seriously, we've reached the point where we have trouble putting things away because we aren't sure where they belong.  Sometimes we just repack the box and go to a different one.  Other times, we stick it someplace, then later repack it because we want to put something else there.  Good thing we have the rest of our lives to do this.

Our MO right now appears to be:

1. Need something
2. Search for it, which involves unpacking boxes until the sought item is found.  Hence the doubt about final placements.
3. Spend days arranging and re-arranging what has been unpacked.
4. Rest
5. Repeat

At least we have a method.  Imagine the chaos if we did not!

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