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Home Sweet Home
It's a Nice Day in the Neighborhood 
18th-Jun-2009 02:40 pm
or, checking on the neighbors

When the Canada geese moved in, we were afraid they might have scared off the Sand  Hill Cranes, but it appears they did not.  So both families are living side-by-side in the swamp.  We pretty sure the cranes are heterosexual; we're not so sure about the geese.  I can't tell the difference, but then, my gaydar has always been ... well, non-existent.

The squirrels are becoming quite cheeky.  They've taken to saving their tails at Husband.  I think it's their version of mooning.  Husband hasn't made up his mind, yet.

The deer have started coming up to the front windows, again.  Husband's garden in the front just might be the reason.  Or, maybe it's the not-quite-gone-but-not-humanly-edible stuff he keeps throwing out on the geothermal field.  Take your pick.

The eagles are after the chipmunks, the chipmunks are after the wheels of my car.  I'm an innocent bystander in all of this.  I'm also the only one without a death wish, as far as I can tell.

We found a tortoise (or was it a turtle) the other day.  "We" meaning Husband.  It obviously hadn't figured out, yet, that the path through the forest is now a private road.  Husband kindly swept him up and took him back to the swamp.  Since it took him 2 years to surface the first time, we figure he should be safe for another 2 or so.

Husband's chestnuts are all doing well, with the single exception of his pet.  The poor thing struggled for 2 years in a sawn-off Silk carton through neglect and benignly intended suffocation, only to die once it found real soil.  sigh.

The elms, however, look endangered.  Two of them, at opposite ends of the back yard, are showing signs of distress.  The tree doctor will be out soon, we hope, but we suspect it's too late.  Unfortunately, the entire back view is elm trees; they are what make this look like living in a tree house.  Fortunately, for the species, there are elm trees all over the area.  And, perhaps fortunately for us, there are maples just awaiting their chance at some sunlight.  Maybe we'll still have a tree house, after all.

Mosquitoes are quite healthy and prolific.  I haven't seen the owl, but Husband has seen the turkey, so we think both are still in residence.

We saw a raccoon climbing up one of our elms the other day.  It was actually quite graceful, and we thought it was a squirrel, until we got a look at the size of the tail.  Husband tried to get a picture, but it was dusk and the pictures didn't come out too well.  Through our own eyes, we could clearly see the mask.  They really do look like not-so-little bandits.  I think he was eying our tomato plants.  He can eye all he likes, as long as he keeps his paws off!

The gladiolus is growing taller each day, but no buds, yet.  The cannas and the dahlias just started peeking through the soil.  The tomatoes are growing strong; the peppers have started to bud.  The rosemary is looking good.  We should have good summer eating.  And all from our balcony (where the deer cannot roam!)

The song birds -- far too populous to number -- sing to us each morning.  I'd like to say they sing at dusk, but it's more like ... well, to be honest ... arguing.  They must be more short-tempered when they're tired.

A few new families have moved in the past few weeks.  There's at least one ruby-throated hummingbird family and one unidentified hummingbird family.  They are quite gregarious, coming to visit us every morning and evening, and in quick bouts in between.  They come right up to the windows to glare at us if the feeders aren't full.  Imagine that!  We're fast becoming friends.

What's new in your neighborhood?

18th-Jun-2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
I'm wondering what's happened to the chickadees that were regularly visiting my bird feeders earlier this year. I've heard them, but not seen them. Most likely they've found fresher food elsewhere. I have not deer or raccoon, but lots of squirrels and the occasional chipmunk. Lots of house finches, and the occasional goldfinch. I'm hoping the hummingbird that briefly buzzed the new feeder returns.

The flowers are growing, and I haven't had to use the new rain barrels very much so far this spring.
1st-Jul-2009 12:18 am (UTC) - Our neighbors
We've got a variety of birds, at least one pair of cardinals and I did see a hummingbird flit by. We've only spotted one turkey, no chicks yet but it's still early in the summer. I haven't seen the groundhog lately, but maybe that's okay. He was living under our porch.
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