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Home Sweet Home
We Interrupt This Journal ... 
9th-Aug-2007 01:27 pm

for an important announcement

To all my sf friends, and to all my friends who have yet to discover the stupendous pleasure in speculative fiction:

There is a drive on to increase subscribership to short speculative fiction publishers.  Not any magazine or medium in particular -- just keep the market available for whichever you choose.  For details, please see the 8/8 entry entitled "Subscription Drive" by slushmaster

Read.  Subscribe. Evangelize

As soon as Clif and I can put our heads together, we will subscribe to something online. Once we've moved, then I'll add a paper subscription to something(s) else.

Yes, I know. I owe you a lot of news. Lots has been happening. I can do, or I can journal. Right now, I'm doing!
9th-Aug-2007 10:46 pm (UTC)
May I suggest two things, as gently as possible?

1. Your important announcement is completely mystifying to a reader who doesn't click on douglascohen's name. A brief summary would improve it.

2. As a technical point, clicking on douglascohen (or anybody else's LJ name) will position your browser at his most recent posting, not necessarily the specific posting of interest here (which may have moved downward into the past). You are aware of this, so you specified "(the entry for the subscription drive)."

A better way to do this might be to offer a link to the particular entry. This will always send the reader to the entry no matter how many subsequent entries have been piled atop it. In this case, you can discover this by going to douglascohen's page and clicking on the "comments" link.

This gets you a page which has the one single entry you want, plus comments to it. The URL of this page is, in this case, "http://slushmaster.livejournal.com/67871.html"

Now you know the URL of the link you want. The next step is to put the link into your own text. If you are familiar with coding HTML, I need say no more. If not, consult this Livejournal FAQ entry, and stick the Slushmaster URL string between the double-quote marks following href=, instead of the example string.

There may be other ways to do this... I am not highly educated in the ways of Livejournal, nor of HTML. But this will work. And the same situation will come up often again.
9th-Aug-2007 11:34 pm (UTC)
Hi Bill,

Yeah. I know all that. I went to the FAQ, I cut/pasted their example code, substituted with my specific data where applicable -- and chaos ensued.

It took me 3 tries before I found something that would actually work (which is what you saw.)

I don't know why I have so much trouble with LJ. I have a similar problem with putting in pictures. I can do it, but the pictures start, oh... 30? lines down or so.

Sigh. I like technology. I do. It just doesn't like me. (My theory is that it responds to testosterone, and my supply is fairly low)

Another Bill helped me about the pictures, but with equal non-success (Hi, Roper!.)

I'm not giving up. I just wanted to get the word out in the meantime.
9th-Aug-2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
OK. I put in some additional verbiage. Should at least help. Thanks for the heads-up.

As for the rest -- I struggle on, resolutely. I SHALL prevail. (Or, I'll break the computer, whichever comes first.)
10th-Aug-2007 02:38 am (UTC)
When we see one another, we never discuss HTML, so I wasn't sure how much you knew about such things.

There is something in your testosterone theory...
10th-Aug-2007 02:50 am (UTC)
No worries. I wasn't offended in any way. Nor do I know a LOT about HTML -- but I can't live with Clif and not soak up some things by sheer osmosis.

I'll take all the help I can get!

(Hi! to Kelly, not so by the way.)
11th-Aug-2007 03:19 pm (UTC)
I don't know about html -- but *tools* seem to respond to testosterone. I was having the devil's own time trying to solder something ... I think a new fan into my last computer ... and it just didn't work and didn't work, until I gathered all my maleness about me, readjusted my pants, and *plink* it darn near soldered itself.

Yes, when the spouse got home I said, "Hi honey -- notice anything different?"
11th-Aug-2007 07:24 pm (UTC)

Clif recently went to help some friends with their computer problems. Everything Mary had tried simply didn't work. So, when Clif arrived, he did exactly the same things -- and they worked just fine. Naturally.

Mary was highly chagrined. I told her my testosterone theory (formulated each time the washer repairman would make an "unnecessary" visit to fix the washing machine when I was a child...) The conversation evolved to the vision of Mary going to the sporting store near here (where they have the buck rack every hunting season) and collecting testosterone in a jar, like fireflies. Which led to the thought of a six-pack of testosterone.

Now, whenever she or Barb have to do something that is "manly" work, they straighten their shoulders, think of Clif with a six-pack of testosterone, and everything works just fine.

Sigh. I must be really deficient -- it doesn't work for me!
11th-Aug-2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
I think computers are somewhat more complex. At work I'm the "uber-geek" and when I stand behind someone, they can do the same thing the 'n'th time and it'll work. At home the 'puter treats me badly until the spouse stands behind me.

I thought I'd blogged about this, but can't find it: At one point I was at a male friend's house, and my laptop, which he'd "helped me" (read: done the work) install Linux on refused to boot for me. Consistently, in my lap or on my desk it would hang part-way. Consistently, in his lap, or with him otherwise driving, it would boot. THAT was darned spooky until we eventually figured out that with me driving, the laptop was flat, and in his lap, it was tipped a bit down (his shin-bones being longer than mine). When I tipped it it worked, and when he made it flat it failed. I don't know if I like that answer better than "it likes you!" or not.

Hmmm... Maybe it's the 6-pack that's making it not work for you. You never struck me as a beer-guzzling sort of person. Perhaps you just need a crystal decanter of testosterone.
11th-Aug-2007 08:57 pm (UTC)
Hmmm... Maybe it's the 6-pack that's making it not work for you. You never struck me as a beer-guzzling sort of person. Perhaps you just need a crystal decanter of testosterone.

Ok. I'm still giggling weakly, but I can type. Sort of. This was beautiful.

A crystal decanter with a stopper, so I can dab just the right amoung of testosterone behind my ears, hey?

I can't wait to share this with Mary. I've already forwarded to Clif.

Thanks for the great laugh!

(I have been known to drink the occasional beer. Ice cold, stein or special glass, German, Danish or Irish manufacture. Every ... oh, 5th year or so.)
27th-Aug-2007 01:19 pm (UTC) - lighting your living room
Hi, Carol. This is Cowgirl, a fellow poster on the NYT Great Homes blog. I am responding to your question on that blog about lighting your living room. (I've pretty much stopped reading that awful blog—I like some of the posters but find the bloggers boring and dense—but I checked in this a.m. and saw the discussion about your lighting.)

I have the same situation you do, plus I hate overhead lighting. I put four wall sconces in my living room, 2 each on opposite walls. I'm using 50-watt halogen bulbs in each sconce, and I'm shocked by how much light they create. Plenty for me, although I like low light in general. I rarely read in there at night, but when I do I use a rechargeable lamp/lantern that works for about 3 hours w/o being plugged in. There are more and more styles of these available; they were developed for use in outdoor rooms. You could also use one of those clip-on book lights.

My architect originally spec'ed outlets in the floor, but I didn't want to deal with them and haven't missed them a bit.

I have a blog at villanandi.blogspot.com. Feel free to leave any questions or comments there. Like you, I did tons of research and made all the decisions for my home. I wish you all the best with finishing your home. I'll keep checking in here to see how it's going!

Cowgirl (aka Candyce)
27th-Aug-2007 04:23 pm (UTC) - Re: lighting your living room
Howdy - and welcome!

Thanks for the suggestions - I didn't know about the rechargeable lamps/lanterns, and I *will* need outside light on the screened porch, so again, thanks!

And, since I now know that folks actually do check in here, I guess I'd better get my rear in gear and catch up! Once I've selected my tub so the plumber isn't waiting on me, I should have more time to post.

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