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And They Just Keep On Comin'

More decisions

Well, despite all the strum and drang, we went with green for the kitchen, after all.

Ok, not really *green* green. But the predominant color of the counter tops is green. Sort of midway between sage and olive. The rest will be the color of the wood in the cabinets and the floors (cork, if I can afford it.) It makes a not-bad palette for me to decorate any direction I wish to go.

The real surprise as how easily the decision was made. 20 minutes in The Kitchen Shop. Boom. Why can't they all be like that? The kitchen designer, the floor designer, Husband and I looked at the final choice, looked at each other and exclaimed as one "How did that happen?

[according to my edit view of this post, there is an ljcut here.  But there isn't.  I'm trying to figure out what's wrong, have an open ticket on the support board. Why does LJ dislike me so?  At least you know I tried.]

Yet More Decisions ...

We're going to paint all the walls an off-white, so that we can have time to decide how we're decorating before we start experimenting with color. Husband's  GBB is largely responsible for my willingness to put a toe in the color pool. I've always lived with "antique white" walls since childhood, in fact. It's time to branch out, and daisy_knotwise showed me that it won't hurt at all! But putting it off until we're ready to repaint lowers the expense and the decision-making burden now. We will paint at least one wall in the master bath a color, and we may paint one wall of the kitchen. If so, we know the colors.

OK, *I* know the colors. As long as it's not baby pink --fat chance! -- Husband has given me carte blanche. Of course, he did that with the kitchen, too, and then double-guessed me. But then again, we ended up with the color I wanted, after all. Hmmmmm. I think I'm getting the hang of this marriage thang.

We've got the cabinet design and layout all figured for all the bathrooms, as well as the kitchen.  But, it comes in over our budget by just about $2400. While it's tempting to say we can just swallow that bite, we have lots more money-hungry stages to come, and we have already over-run site costs by $25,000. So we're going to do our best. Erik, fount of all creative ideas house, suggested we look at downgrading the cabinetry in the laundry/mud room. Right now, it's the same as the kitchen, just a different color. We can afford to lesser grade in that room, so we'll see what happens.

We've decided what flooring we'd like, now we just have to research to see if we can afford it.  Ideally, cork in the master bath, master bedroom and kitchen. Hardwood in living room, powder room and family room. Something slate-ish for the foyer. Linoleum for the mud/laundry room.  Cement for the basement. We'll probably paint it, and I'll put a throw rug in the rooms we're using, until we can afford to put in flooring.

Doors, trims, and related hardware are already selected.   No, the hardest decision of all is still in the faucetry department. Husband had but one "must have" for the master bath. He wanted one of the temperature select/control valves he found in showers in Europe, and he wanted the hand shower on a slide bar. To find him what he wanted put us into the "shower system" (I refuse to own a "vertical spa") arena. If it weren't for my soaking tub, his shower would be the most expensive fixture in the house. Boy, did that make him squirm. He keeps insisting he won't ever use the body jets. I don't think he's really thought through how long it's been since he cycled 50 miles every day, and that when we start the conservatorship of this property as we've planned, he's going to find those body jets plenty useful.

As it turns out, my soaking tub is the granddaddy of all decisions. Also one of the most expensive. And, which somehow makes cosmic sense, it is also the most critical to me. There are two immutable parts to the "dream" in the "dream house" -- the screened-in porch and the soaking tub.

Why is it so hard? First, there are more options in tubs than just about any other plumbing fixture. Second, they're hard to find in showrooms. Most retailers have one or two in one or two lines, and finding the one I want to try out is complicated. It would be a bit easier in a larger metropolitan area, but it's still tricky. I'm going to try a showroom closer to Detroit.  One way or another, I will try it out before I buy.  Never again will I install a tub I have not tried out first.

But that's another story. Maybe I'll blog about that, next.
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