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As it was in the beginning ...

As usual, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Some of my friends are here, somewhere.  Eventually I'll figure out how to find them.  Maybe, by then, I'll have a chance to learn how to do something interesting here before they find me.  I make absolutely no promises. 

Katie Beth Roper was some months old before I found out she was even anticipated.  When I asked Gretchen for details, she said something about the whole adventure being logged on "Roper's LiveJournal."  Hadn't even heard of LJ before!  Ok, so I've reached curmudgeonhood, and am working on fuddy-duddy.  So sue me.

Then I found Debbie Ohi here.  And figured it was time to join.

When I know how to embed their userpics in my text, I'll do so.

So, what am I up to?  Husband and I are building a house -- our "dream house."  Ok, so a contractor and his crews are doing the actual building work, but we did the entire design ourselves, and we will be putting in some sweat equity down the road.  It's truly an experience of a lifetime!

I've been meaning to blog about it, and just never got a round tuit.  The roof trusses go up tomorrow, so I decided I'd better hurry.

Of course, right now I have work to do, and I have to hurry up about that, too.  So this will suffice for my first post.  I'll update as time permits and circumstances dictate.
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