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Unprogress/Progress Report

or Is the glass half empty or half full?

Nothing is happening.

We go out to see the house.  It looks just the same.  The WOW effect of the rough-in is over and done.  No new jolts.  Ok, the basement concrete floor is poured -- and smoother than any I've ever seen.  Yeah, we have a temporary staircase joining the two floors, now.  Oh, and the windows went in.  I did see that.

In fact, loads is happening.  We just have to look for it, now.

This isn't the jaw-drop phase.  This is the Easter Egg Hunt phase.  What's going on is what Erik calls "the mechanicals."  The plumber has done all the rough-in valve work (we walked through the house with him to discuss where fixtures would go, then came back so he could adjust the shower valves to our respective heights.)  The geothermal system is partially in; the loop is in the ground and the furnace stands in our basement; the rest will follow soon.  The master shower is all prepped (Erik and I agreed to put in two fake walls insulation-width in front of the outside walls for the shower plumbing.)  The fireplaces are installed; no mantels etc, but the units are in and ready to function.  The laundry bath/shower unit is installed.

In it's own way, this is a fun phase, as well -- we make it a game to see who can spot the most "new" each visit.

I realize this is how most projects go, that this non-progress progress is normal.  I can't help but notice, however, that Erik has given me lots of decision-making homework during this phase.  Somehow, I don't think that's entirely coincidental.  (I told you he was good.)

What's not done?  Unfortunately a lot of things that are out of our control.

The gas company has dug a bit of trenching, but we have no idea when the pipe will be laid.  The electric company hasn't even scheduled us, yet -- they'll always get back to us in "about 4 weeks."  This last is a bummer, because Erik's estimate for utilities assumed that by now we'd have electricity  to replace the gas-fueled generator, and to pump water instead of renting the port-a-john.  It's one of the reasons our site costs are so off-budget.

And the next big steps depend on an inspection which is normally performed after the electric is in.  Erik is going to have the guys start on the siding, next, while he schmoozes his friends at County to see what he can shake loose.  I think he'll wrangle a few miracles out of his back pocket -- the County folks like him.

Did I mention?  Erik is good.
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