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Home Sweet Home
How it all started 
18th-Jun-2007 08:57 am

I married Husband.

Ok.  That's not completely true.  Oh, I married him all right -- before witnesses!  He even said "I do," instead of what I anticipated:  "To the best of my knowledge and belief."  (I think he was too tired to do anything but rote.)  But he's not the only reason we are building a house.  Just a major one.

When I was single, my house was not a showcase by any means, but everything had a place, and everything was in its place, and there was Peace.  Ever notice how getting married complicates things?  Enlivens, improves, beatifies --- but also complicates.  And thus it was with Husband and me.  Suddenly, everything had a place, if only we could agree on where that was.  Very little was in its place.  And Peace was a forgotten dream.

Still, we managed ok.  Husband would drop everything on the kitchen table, I would grumble and clean it up.  I would put his stuff away, he would grumble, I'd help him find what he needed, and when he was done, he'd put it on the kitchen table.  Hey, routine is a wonderful thing.

Then we both employed ourselves.

This is the real beginning of our need for a new house.  It's a sad thing to say, but two adults and their personal library simply can't accommodate two professional offices in the average house.  We ran out of places for things.

Think about it:  If you are employed by someone else, consider what your employer supplies to you.  A working area (nice or not.)  Coffee machines and supplies.  Supply cabinets filled with office supplies.  A copier.  A fax.  A network, complete with servers, printers, modems and whatnots.  Your reference library.  Files.  Lots of files.  A phone system. 

Well, Husband and I are our employers.  So we need to provide all those things, too.  The coffee part was easy -- coffee is a staple of life, after all, and I always have reserves in case my stash runs low.  But the rest, we needed to get all the rest.  And since we don't do the same kind of work for the same kind of clients, we need two of the things that take up the most room.  Two professional libraries.  Two sets of filing cabinets.  (For me, lots of them!)  Chairs and a table where (my) clients can sit and work with me.  A muti-workstation lab for Husband.

When you add it all up, we need the equivalent of a three master-bedroom house.  And after 3 years of visiting all the showcases of homes, reading the house magazines, hours of HGTV and TLC, not to mention months of exhausting no less than three real estate agents, I am here to tell you that no one builds such a house.

So, we have to do it ourselves.
19th-Jun-2007 12:00 am (UTC)
"I married Clif."

I remember that! Best. Wedding Reception. Ever.

Congrolences for building a new house.
19th-Jun-2007 01:32 am (UTC)
Wow! How long has it been? How wonderful to find lost friends!

I understand the "congrolences," but really, I feel quite good about this. Our contractor is wonderful -- I've referred him to Mike and Myra, and they sing his praises, too. He's got us well in hand, is protecting us every step of the way, and so far, while it's been busy and hectic and, yes, not a little stressful, it's been too exciting and wonderful for me to feel nervous. And now, when anything eats at me about where we currently live -- the growth of piles of STUFF on EVERY horizontal surface; the window airconditioners not yet installed because Clif is out of town, AGAIN; the cats and I tripping one another on the one-and-only access to the all-important kitchen -- each time I can simply smile and remind myself: "In the new house, this won't be a problem." It's my new mantra.

Now, the financial side of it, yeah -- that's scary!
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