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The "Five Things" Meme

from scs_11:  What are five things you've never done but want to?  (They must be plausibly accomplishable.)

1. Take the hike from Te Anau to Milford Sound with someone I love.

2. Fly to outer space.  (*plausible* but unlikely; I'm building a house and have no more money)

3. Scuba-dive the Great Barrier Reef (before the coral all die.)

4. See the aurora from northern Alaska during a high-sunspot year.

5. Swim with bottlenosed porpoises

#4 and 5 I have already planned, but not scheduled.  The rest?  We'll see.  It's nice to have goals, and dreams

(The rules specify plausibly accomplishable, or I'd have added the ubiquitous "create world peace."  Whew!  Dodged that addition to the ToDo list!)
Tags: dreams, goals, memes

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