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An Empty Plate

don't I just wish!

However, I'm at least decreasing the volume.   And I have the exhaustion to prove it.

Decisions made:
  • Bathtub found, ordered, paid for.  Delivery date TBD
  • Some of the lighting -- but there is still more, unfortunately
  • Electrical outlet locations, inside and out
Ok, not a long list.  But the first one represents two months of work!  And not a small amount of exercise.  There's a lighting/plumbing showroom Southfieldish way, and a dear friend accompanied me there.  Four hours (broken with lunch, thank goodness) I spent talking, looking and investigating tubs of all makes, sizes and designs.  Crawling into and out of the models was amazingly aerobic.  Not that it always looked that way.  When it came down to a choice between two of the tubs, I grabbed a paperback, and settled myself in each as I would were I soaking and reading in the tub in the privacy of my home.  Since I was not in the privacy of my home, not a few fellow-shoppers made all kinds of humorous comments at my expense.  Let 'em.  I'll have a very nice reading tub in the new house.

Choice:  BainUltra Thermal 60 -- soaking tub only (no jets)  I was very tempted to go with the airjets (Bain invented the concept) but checked with my massage therapist first.  Her opinion:  the airjets will not provide enough of what I need compared to water jets, so I'd be better off saving my pennies for the future hot tub.  This decision put 200,000 pennies in the hot tub piggy bank.  Yay!

We have the outside lighting decided, but inside is a bit of a mystery until I can get out to look at some samples of the modern track and can lighting.  Unfortunately, a torn rotator cuff has kept me from driving.  This week, Erik has offered to go with me, play chauffeur and consult.  I think he's in a hurry to get the decision before the electrician finishes the outlets.

Accomplishments in the house construction:
  • Front door and side lights are installed -- and blocked off to minimize risk of damage.
  • Garage floor is poured
  • Husband (with the help of a friend -- thanks!) put in the low-voltage wiring
  • DTE has reached the end of our driveway.  Unfortunately, we don't know when they will finish to the house.
  • Geothermal installed, ready to go.  Just need the water heaters, now.  That's husband's job -- yay!
  • Master bath shower is framed, ready for the zimmer surface (not tile - no grout.  Yay!!)
  • Roof is completed.  Done.
Next on the agenda is siding.  I went out yesterday; looks like some siding was delivered, but it isn't the correct color.  *shrug*  I'll be talking to Erik at some point and find out what's going on.

I'm still having fun! 
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