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Home Sweet Home
Let There Be Light 
6th-Oct-2007 02:03 pm
so we can see the plumbing

Lighting turned out to be much easier than plumbing.  This may be because Erik went with me.

I have a new man in my life:  Paul.  Paul is the lighting expert.  It's amazing how complex lighting is.  It's not just a matter of sticking a lamp next to a couch, a bulb in the ceiling (presumably with some kind of decorative cover) and adding switches.  No, there's a lot more. 

There's ceiling light, which all my life I've considered basic lighting.  Switch by the door, flip the switch, room is lighted.  End of story.  But, it turns out you can do all kinds of things with "cans."  They can flood light straight down, they can beam light at an angle (to highlight art, for example) or beam up for a more diffused, softer kind of general light.

There's task lighting, which ranges from lights mounted under kitchen cabinets for light at a specific task area, to lamps for reading, etc., to cans, again, which can be centered on a location.

Then there's ambient lighting.  Sconces come in heavy play here.  Some of them even are in the shape of candles that flick on/off.  No, I didn't get one; I'm just reporting what I saw.  Pendular lights hang down (duh) and are big over desks, islands, etc.

Closet lighting varies, depending on the size, shape and use of the closet.  Bathroom lighting has to be considered separately.  It seems there are now special lights that are water resistant for shower stalls.  You can have vanity lights above, to the side or all around vanity mirrors. 

Then there is the question of how you cluster lights.  For example, I ended up with 9 cans in the kitchen.  Six of them are clustered together; the other three (along the sink wall) are clustered separately as a second grouping.  The pendular lights on the breakfast nook will be clustered together, as well.

You have to consider how they will be switched.  Code calls for a switch for a light at every entrance and exit.  Some of them are three-way lights (which means two switches) or even four-way lights (which means three switches.)  The number of "way" is indicative of the number of wires, not the number of switches.  I think the ubiquitous "they" do this just to be confusing.

And this is just so we could tell the electrician what to install.  I still have the joyful experience (really, I'm not being sarcastic, because I think it will be fun, it's just that the decisions are also stressful) of picking out the actual fixtures.

And then we have to decide about dimmers.

So, the mechanicals are done, now that both plumber and electrician have done their thing.  The feed line for our electricity was done on Thursday; we still need a separate crew to come out and hook up our line to the feed line.  (Talk about specialization!)  Then we should have electricity.  They tell us next week.  Erik is not holding his breath.

With mechanicals done, the fellows started the siding (it really looks like a house from the outside, now!) and next week we start on the dry wall

No, husband still hasn't downloaded all the pictures.  *sigh*  As soon as I can ...
6th-Oct-2007 07:47 pm (UTC)
Ceiling lights. I commend you for installing ceiling lights in your new house. I consider it an offense against civilization NOT to have ceiling lights.

Dimmers can't be used with the energy-efficient fluorescent "bulbs". I replaced a couple of dimmer switches in my house so I could save mon-- er, the environment by using the low-watt bulbs.
7th-Oct-2007 04:24 am (UTC)
I'm told that there *are* dimmers for the new flourescents, but, naturally, they are more expensive than standard dimmers.

I generally don't like the look of lights from the ceiling -- but the cans are a bit different from the single bulb hidden by a glass plate deals -- the whole effect is different.

Somehow it will all work out. *crosses fingers*
7th-Oct-2007 07:38 pm (UTC) - jan magic here
the best we ever did is put dimmer lights in the bathroom.

i know you are talking kitchen.

yet we put 2 rocker switches with a dimmer slide ( very small yet very workable) so the first stwich is over the toilet, why your there in the first place.

then the second swich is over the sink with two cans.

designing is good when you look at how you will be using the space.

sounds like your moving along well.

got to go.

ps dont come to windycon the hotel is very moldy.

8th-Oct-2007 12:39 am (UTC) - Re: jan magic here
No, I'm not just talking kitchen -- I plan on having dimmers all over the place.

The real decision about dimmers will come down to costs. But this is my dream house, and I want ambiance in a big way. Particularly in my home-spa otherwise known as the "master bath."

Remember once you told me you wished for me a large bathroom? This was when I was in the condo, and then I ended up with an even smaller bathroom in the house.

Well, this is one is definitely larger. And I'm going to have one huge, comfortable soaking tub in it!

No, Windycon is probably not in the cards. I'm still holding on to a thread of hope for OVFF, but it's fading in my hands. Not sure I'll get to CA for Thanksgiving, either, let alone Texas for Xmas -- husband may go without me.

But the house is worth it!
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