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Sounds of Silence

Or, less din, at least.

The initial installation of the insulation is in.  (Say that 3 times, fast.  I dare ya.)

I say "initial," because the insulation actually happens in two passes.  The insulation we're using is recycled newspaper (seriously.)  It's blown in between the studs, and then smoothed down a vertical line to tamp it in.  Follows the drywall.  Then, after the drywall dries (what is it about this post that keeps repeating itself?) more insulation is blown in from the attic, which compresses the insulation further and ups the R factor.  This means two things for me.  1) I haven't yet heard the full sound buffering of the insulation and 2) drywall goes up next week.  Yay!

It is amazing how much sound the insulation, well, insulates us from.  Once the plywood walls went up, not only could we hear everything going on outside (chipmunks are the rock bands of the forest, I gotta tell ya) but everything inside echoed almost to reverberation.  Footsteps.  Voices.  The Generator (even the chipmunks couldn't compete what that!)  When the crow got caught inside and tried to beat it's way out of the family room through the closed window at the sound of my footsteps, I thought someone was wielding a mallet to the floors.

Yesterday, when we went to visit the House, it was almost eerily quiet.  There is still just a tinge of echo inside, but footsteps are definitely duller, now.  Husband downstairs couldn't hear me speaking upstairs (although he could still hear the footsteps.)  We could still hear the chipmunks (faintly) but we didn't hear the kids next door until we opened a window.

Who knew that insulation absorbed so much sound?

Every day I learn something new about things I've lived with my entire life.  Did I mention that I'm enjoying this process very much?

Approximately 6 months to occupation.  My pulse is speeding up.
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