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Start the new year as you wish it to continue

or Happy New Year!

The universe sometimes gives us, unasked, a gift of unanticipated beauty.  2008 began with just such a gift for me.

Wending our way home after bringing in the new year with friends, Husband drove a maximum of 30 mph, due to the heavy snowfall already on the ground, amidst more of the same threatening to continue through the night.  Husband is always a good and safe driver.  Unexpectedly, so was everyone else on the roads.  Perhaps that was the heads up.

I find winter landscapes beautiful at all times.  At night, along the road, I love to watch the trees pass by with the snow lining the branches.  As I was looking through the side window next to me and keeping quiet so Husband could concentrate on his driving, I noticed that not only could I see the trees lining the road, but I could see beyond the roadside deeper into the landscape.  I could see the individual branches at the top of trees.  I could see the color of houses, without additional lights.  When we passed a cemetery, I could see all the headstones through the depth of the graveyard.

Not even in a full moon on a cloudless night have I seen so much detail.  I could read "for sale" signs on vacant lots with no lights for miles around beyond the headlights.

It was eerie, other-worldly, yet definitely this world.  "Beauty" is inadequate, but the only word I have.  After a while, I stopped wondering how or why, and drank that beauty into my soul.  And I gave thanks, I don't know to whom or where.  Just thanks sent out into the universe that gave me the gifts.  I feel blessed.

May your new year -- and mine -- be filled with blessings.
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